These are some projects I’ve owned or still own in the open source world.


  • Swagger 2.0: A toolkit for working with swagger 2.0 github


Ruby / .NET

  • IronNails: An MVC Framework for IronRuby to develop WPF/Silverlight applications ( blog - github )
  • Dynamic Script Control: A control that allows you to inject DLR based WPF controls in the xaml tree. ( blog - codeplex - googlecode )
  • IronRuby-DBI: A DBI integration layer for IronRuby and ADO.NET  ( blog - googlecode )
  • IronRuby MVC: An ASP.NET MVC integration for IronRuby (website - github official - github my fork )
  • Caricature: A mocking/isolation gem for IronRuby (blog - github)